Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Oh, Seoul o' Mio

Question: Has the US ever formally recognized the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK)?

Answer: No... According to Quora;'North Korea, independent since 1948, is not recognized by five UN members: France, Israel, Japan, South Korea, United States; and one non-UN member: Taiwan. Seoul and the Republic of Korea claims to be the legitimate Government of all Korea.',


So... how can POTUS meet with the leader of a nation that the USA does not even recognize as legitimate? Do any treaties (or joint statements) have any legal merit at all? Or has all brouhaha and folderol been nothing but a shadow play?

Tonight on 'Celebrity Apprentice', Young Kim Jong-un, in his first appearance on LIVE global television will accept the challenge to stand toe-to-toe and jowl-to-jowl with a spray-tan dotard in a piss-stained wig of spun silk.

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