Monday, July 30, 2018

Junior's Tale

All this palaver about whether Drumpfen Sr knew about the Russia Trump Tower Meeting....
Of course he knew.
Steve Bannon told us that on his way out the door.

My money is on Drumpf the Elder fricking initiating the meeting itself. That's what he does. He manages things.
He couldn't handle it himself, of course; he made sure to keep a couple of layers of insulation between him and the 'deed'. (One of the invaluable lessons learned from Roy Cohn - (spit when you say his name), no doubt.)
Sessions, Bannon, Papadopoulos, Cohen... somebody...

The Senior Putz handed it off to Don Jr and sent Manafort and Kushner there to chaperone. 'The Donald' would never let 'the Junior' handle it himself.  Not a bright a bulb...
The reason for the meeting as discussed in the email revealed by Don Jr's in an attempt at 'transparency' was to pass along dirt on HRC. Don Jr declared his love of it, so moved was he. 
However, when the topic of adoption was brought up the meeting fizzled and ended, according to Junior Drumpfen-yutz.

Horse-feathers and codswallop.

Adoption was the flimsy cover that Don Jr gave for the meeting. This was the nothing-burger he couldn't bother to bother his Old Man about.

'Adoption' - pfft!...
Russians and adoptions - a double pfft!

That feeble excuse - dictated by the senior Drumpfen-klod, so it is said  - offers an insight into the musty mind of Don Jr and his Old Man.

But first, a digression into the glimmer of truth that lies at the heart of the first lie about the Russian Meeting.

The Russians probably did talk about adoptions... (a-ha!) but only in the context of the Magnitsky Act. (huh!?)
The Magnitsky Act was a bi-partisan bill passed in 2012 (when the world was young...). It authorizes gov't sanctions against violators of human rights. It targets 18 individuals: highly placed people in gov't and industry - most of them Russians with a few Nicaraguans tossed in.
In response to the Magnitsky Act, the Kremlin denied the adoption of Russian children by Americans.
This was the adoption portion of the meeting's agenda. The flicker of truth that gave sparkle to the lie.

Don Jr scoffed his most derisive and oft-practiced scoff on Hannity's program about the meeting being a nothing burger.
'Adoptions'... of all things!
What a waste of time for the Son of the Donald!
Here he was expecting dirt on HRC and he gets a come-on and a sob-story about adoption!
'Adoptions', as if...! if to say 'who cares about orphans and namby-pamby stuff like that?'.
Who cares about kids getting families and families getting kids?
Certainly not a pampered wanna-be tough guy like Don Jr... that's for sure.

Here he was all revved up to hear about Hillary's midnight cravings for pickles and hot sauce or her private Blackberry account and the Russians come up with nothing better than adoption? Kids?  Without parents?
Now, I'm not a psychologist, but I have wanted to play one on TV.
This is what I would call a lack of empathy.

Sociopathic behavior.
On top of the lies, (and lies and lies and lies, and...)

Bottom-line; Drumpf knew about all of it. How could he direct it otherwise?

Saturday, July 28, 2018


Isn't it enough that Trump is in open violation of the Emoluments Clause?
Isn't it enough that Trump has done nothing to defend against on-going Russian election interference?
Isn't it enough that Trump met secretly for two hours with the Russian despot, Putin?
Isn't it enough that Trump has ordered the abduction and imprisonment of thousands of children?
Isn't it enough that Trump has insulted and alienated our traditional allies?
Isn't it enough that Trump has threatened to refuse to defend NATO allies from attack?
Isn't it enough that Trump has threatened to pull the USA out of NATO?

Isn't it enough that Trump has proclaimed that the European Union is a foe of the USA? Isn't it enough that Trump has pulled out of the Paris Accords without consulting Congress?
Isn't it enough that Trump started a trade war with senseless sanctions against reliable trading partners?
Isn't it enough that Trump has sided with fascists, neo-nazis, the alt/right and white supremacists?
Isn't it enough that Trump has defended, supported and even hired sex offenders?
Isn't it enough that Trump has ignored the plight of the citizens of Flint and Puerto Rico?
Isn't it enough that Trump has lied publicly more than 3,000 times since taking office?
Isn't it enough that Trump hired his daughter and son-in-law as elite White House staff?
Isn't it enough that Trump has attacked the Fourth Estate over and over again?
Isn't it enough that Trump has continued to refuse to release his tax returns?
Isn't it enough that Trump hired Mike Flynn after being warned by the DOJ that Flynn was compromised?
Isn't it enough that Trump has hired the worst of the worst to pillage and undermine their departments (e.g. Education, EPA, Interior, HHS, etc)?
Isn't it enough that Trump has brought disgrace and dishonor upon the USA because of his words and actions?
Isn't it enough knowing that this list - as long as it is - isn't a fully comprehensive one?
Isn't it enough?
Protect the Mueller investigation.
Move to impeach Trump.

Which Hunt?

"He is not a fake president. He was elected. I wish people would stop that nonsense."
(an actual post on FB...)

Nonsense? It has been proven that Russia swayed the election.. Fewer than 80,000 votes made all the difference in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. (Moreover, Drumpf won 18 states by fewer than 250,000 votes in total. Hardly what anyone could consider a mandate.) 

The GOP strategy changed abruptly from their focus on the 'Red States' to the three already mentioned which were thought to have been a lock for HRC. That abrupt change in strategy and the concomitant increase in TV ad buys followed the hacking if the DNC and Drumpf's oft-repeated public plea for help from the Russians on HRC's fricking emails.

The GOP knew the Dems game plan and did an end-around with the help of Guccifer.2, Roger Stone and the Russian hackers. Russian 'bots' also undermined support for the Dem nominee by spreading disinformation - an old Russian propaganda ploy. 

Three of Drumpf's campaign insiders have pleaded guilty; Flynn, Gates and Papadopoulos. 

Manafort, Drumpf's campaign chair, is in jail awaiting two trials; trials which will further reveal his corruption and its influence on drawing the Kremlin into the 2016 campaign. 

Moreover, the Russian spy in the NRA, Maria Butina's role in corrupting the US electoral process is just being revealed. We'll learn more at her trial. It appears that she is ready to flip already. 


Hardly. Drumpf - who did not win the popular vote -was elected by a technicality which was exploited by the criminal interference of the Kremlin with the assistance of the Drumpf campaign and the GOP leadership. (That will also come to light as Manafort, Gates, Page etc start to throw folks under the bus to save their own sorry arses.)

Nonsense? No... 

Calamity? Yes, but not nonsense.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Musings on Mueller and a Certain Maniac

A friend provided yours truly, dear reader, with wonderfully insightful synopsis of the current shit-storm that is the Drumpf regime.
Muito obrigado.  
I offered this response:
It's like a watching Robert Ludlum and Orwell write a dystopian novel together for a Netflix project.
Agonizing and riveting.

Our only hope is Mueller. The one trace of influence that contains Drumpf is someone telling him that firing Mueller and/or Rosenstein is a death knell for his presidency. 

Or perhaps it's some shred of ethics which he still hold on to?
He just thinks he can't get away with it! 
That's all that constrains the Drumpfen-fuhrer; his own illusory, febrile, ego-maniacal and ultimately distorted perception of what is transpiring in the world.
The truth we should all understand and establish as a benchmark, a foundation stone, is that Donald J. Trump is self-serving, self-dealing troglodyte; a evolutionary dead-end of selfishness, brutishness, greed, ignorance and egocentric behavioral tendencies.

That at least that's what we can pin hopes on.

One wonders if Drumpf is ever self-reflective enough to consider his 'legacy'. Does he expect that being in the Oval Office will validate the profligate life he's lead?

Banging porn-star and Playboy models (for large cash, of course), but that rash of more mature profligacy followed years of sex-parties hosted by convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein.
(Google 'Epstein pedophile' for grins...)

The photos of himself with his adolescent daughter are always accompanied by a chill up the spine and gorge rising.

The Golem-in-chief probably doesn't consider a legacy as more than a final net-worth. He'd fall far down the list of  wealthy men that was his sole benchmark.
(An aside: Putin is reputed to the richest man on earth. That explains his deference and servility to the 'former' KGB colonel. )

Not that Drumpfen-stuff will not have a legacy if Mueller succeeds.
It'll be more like a rueful aftermath, instead; a drug-addled nightmare of our collective soul.

Not even the text-books in Texas could spin the shit Drumpfel-stiltskin is doing into gold. 
One must wonder if the institutions of the Republic will survive this.