Monday, August 20, 2018

Twick or Tweet

Tweet after tweet, Trump proves himself for what most of Americans have known for decades; he's an unhinged individual who is ignorant and self-centered to a very disturbing degree. As the walls close in, his grip on his precarious mental and emotional state keeps slipping. To wit:
Don McGahn, White House Counsel, testified to Mueller's team for more than ten hours.
John Bolton is now connected through the NRA to the jailed Russian operative, Maria Butina.
Michael Cohn, Trump's personal fixer is on the block, awaiting his subpoena and/or indictment.
Manafort is on a knife's edge while a jury deliberates; with yet another trial already scheduled for September.
Roger Stone is, by all appearances, about to be indicted for conspiring with Julian Assange to obtain stolen documents from the DNC; documents stolen by Russian hackers.
Rudy Guiliani has gone completely bonkers on national television decreeing that "Truth is not the Truth." (If such is the case, then why have a legal system with lawyers, judges and juries at all?)

In short, the wheels are coming off the Trump train at an alarming rate and Trump is sounding the alarm with more and more delirious tweets at an increasing frequency. Never before have the American people and the world witnessed a POTUS sink into the abyss of madness.

All of this makes Watergate and all other DC scandals seem like tedious parlor games. Congress must not allow this ruinous farce to continue. One can only surmise that the members of Congress are complicit in crimes Mr Mueller's team is investigating and are therefore endeavoring to forestall the inevitable collapse of House Trump.

Protect Mr Mueller.
Move the president.

Couch-potato Anarchists

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, when asked what he considered the most dreadful part of "these dreadful, dreadful days in Washington":

"Well the most dreadful part is that we have a president who does not respect our system of government, does not understand our government, (who) is not interested in understanding our government, who believes the Constitution is a menu from which he can choose only the most delectable items, who disdains career bureaucrats, who doesn't respect the Constitution. 

That's one thing. But the evil twin to that is that as a former Russian analyst... I'm convinced that the president of the United States is enthralled to Vladimir Putin. There is no other way to explain his behavior and he perfectly fits the profile of the kind of people the Russians target."

"This is a president of the United States who is a danger to the Republic."
He elaborated, "It is not hyperbole to say that this man and his henchmen and henchwomen constitute a real threat to our Republic."
 "What we see now, the people supporting Trump are radicals. These Couch-potato Anarchists... They're destructive. They want to tear things down. They want vengeance."

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Alex Numpty Jones

To start out with, Alex Jones is a daft prat.
Poor little snowflake doesn't have a global platform to spew his hate-filled insanity? Gee, too fricking bad. He can speak any time he wants just as much as the rest of us.
This twaddle about his 'rights' being denied ignores the concept that corporations have the privilege to deny service to those who do not meet and fulfill the conditions of service. It's in the user agreements which we all sign onto but never read.

This denial of service is not being forced by judicial decree or executive order or by act of Congress. Those who don't like the decision made by those corporations which have denied poor little Numpty his soap-box, please write to them and stop whinging about this rancid, flatulent arse-wipe.

Sure, defend Jones's right to barf up his 'opinions' but then try extricating yourself from the defense of his sociopathic delirium.
Let's see how that might work...
(Really, you support this fascist, racist sack of offal because...?
What? Patrick Henry?
'No... but, but, but...'; the motorboat defense.)
As a society, we cannot, we must not condone the insanity which is fascism. Don't talk 'slippery-slope' to me. Nothing is inevitable; even the most probable. We're not talking about plate tectonics or planetary motion, here. Social policy is determined by a democratic society. We have already determined that hateful, hurtful, harmful actions are not tolerated.

Beat your dog. The law will come down on you.
Little Numpty the Blow-hard cannot be allowed to light his hair on fire and scream the 'N-word' at the top of his lungs. Sorry, that is not acceptable behavior from a human - especially a grown-arsed man. 
It is intolerable. It cannot be tolerated.

Being intolerant of destructive behavior does not mean that our society is illiberal or standing in contravention of the professed right of free speech. It indicates that there are limits to what is acceptable. (Again - the slippery slope holds no traction as an argument.)
There are consequences for the misuse and abuse of privileges and rights. One might have the right to own a gun or a chain-saw but one may not use it to commit injury to another by willfulness or by accident. 

The Bloviating Numpty in question has abused his platform. The corporations which supplied that platform have determined that Jones had violated the conditions of their agreement.
'Nuff said. 

He has also abused his right to speak freely and openly, IMHO, because he is not using his Right in a responsible manner. He spreads falsehoods to support a hateful agenda; an agenda upon which he has built a business plan to enrich himself. Jones is not the prophet in the wilderness, ranting. He is a self-absorbed, self-serving twat of a con-man who is bilking people of their money and consciously, earnestly promoting a divisive and corrupting ideology. 

In his own defense, he has proclaimed himself a 'performance artist'! (Talk about putting lipstick on a pig and polishing a turd...) If his 'performance' included doing bodily harm to anyone or anything, he would have been stopped long before now. His 'performances' have been, without question, harmful to the society. 

Calumny. Slander. Hate speech. Calling 'Fire' in a theater. None of these forms of 'speech' is protected as a civil right. Numpty Jones's 'performances' meet the definition of those terms of unacceptable and unlawful speech.

Again for those sitting in the back - Numpty's loss of a soapbox to his liking was not the result of government policy. His loss of platform is due to his odious behavior over the course of too, too many years.   

Moreover, what Numpty is really bemoaning is his loss of income from his con-job.


Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Hair Today; Goon Tomorrow

I got to ask once more...
How much time (and money, our money) does Drumpf spend every day getting and keeping that impossible gravity-defying hyper-comb-over in place every day? He must have a team of hair-dressers and make-up people working in shifts, hovering around in case there's an errant breeze is sent by his enemies to un-coif him.
Damn Obama and his Soros financed breezes.
It's pathetic - Drumpf's security blanket is his ridiculous hair. He's an insufferably conceited, arrogant Linus who wears his Binky on his head.

Calling out to some intrepid and hungry journalist - go after this story.
It's been pooh-poohed as a trifle
since the campaign; Trump's hair, LOL!
Meme of the day.
We shall over-comb, wombat-wearing cheeto bit of dismissive banter.
There is a story here. How big depends on how much and how many?
How many people are employed by the White House to service Donald Trump's personal appearance?
He's vain beyond the imagining.
Narcissus would envy him his vanity.

How does the size of the staff assigned to 'The Donald's' look compare with other presidents of the modern era? I would surmise that it compares to Reagan's. The size of Reagan's staff (pun intended) was the benchmark used, no doubt.
St Ronnie was a show-biz construct, like Drumpfen-putz, but less narcissistic.
He was nuts.
But Ronnie wasn't on the level of self-adulation which Donald shares with no one.

That fact established, then, how many people would he hire on the public's dime to tend to his 'do and his spray-on virility?

How much money is spent every day on the staff salary, transportation, office space, appliances, supplies, remedies, perhaps even heart-attack hair pieces...?

Whoever decides to follow this with investigation journalistic vigor, could write is as comic piece. Ha-ha You thought his golf outings were a drain on the budget? Take a look at this scandal.
It's hair-raising!