Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Prosecute Bush, Cheney and Co.

I'm beginning to take this very personally.

First, at 18, I had the escalating Vietnam conflict to darken my youthful days.
Then Watergate, the Pentagon Papers and Elsberg break-ins to sour the political brew.

Then, Reagan and the Contras with Ollie North and Adm Poindexter cooking up schemes to derail the power of Congress and establish an imperial presidency with 'neat ideas' whereby they sell drugs and run guns to finance the murder of innocent people.

Next up, Bush I with his 'New World Order' and Gulf War v1.0 which didn't need to be fought but looked real good with the marketing groups and played well to the Bible Belt.

Now during the past 8 years, Bush the Lesser, Cheney the Snide and and their Machiavellian band have brought the economy to the brink of ruin, destroyed two Asian countries and is working on the third (Pakistan), brought about the death of hundreds of thousands of people as a result of two undeclared (and therefore illegal) wars which in turn has bankrupted the nation, enthusiastically engaged in torture and kidnapping (known euphemistically as 'enhanced interrogation and 'extraordinary rendition') undermined habeus corpus, the foundation of English Law, eviscerated the Constitution of the US twelve ways to Sunday, and brought shame and opprobrium upon the people of the United States.

If we don't bring these 'evil-doers' to justice, what is to deter the next round of megalomaniacs from breaking the law, degrading our Republic and moving further towards establishing a dictatorial regime in the place of democracy in the USA?

This is no time to let by-gones be by-gones. We must prosecute Bush, Cheney and Co for crimes against the people of the United States and Crimes against Humanity.

Prosecute them and hold them accountable. It's called justice.

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