Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Open Letter to the House and the Senate

 To all members of Congress:

This is on you.
Donald Trump was elected by the Electoral College and 25% of the electorate. His election is on them.
His behavior, his policies, his preposterous demeanor - that's on him.
That he is getting away with so much that is detrimental to our nation, our Republic, our democracy, our society is on you. That lies squarely on the doorstep of Congress.
He lies. You hem, haw and prevaricate or say nothing at all.
He insults our allies and our most revered institutions and you do nothing to oppose his slander.
He threatens our allies and ingratiates himself to ruthless despots and dictators and you stand idly by.
He shields and sides with sex offenders, crooks, and the most disreputable sort of people and you never raise a finger or your voice in criticism.
Choose to be on the correct side of history, for history will record this episode of the American story as a calamitous time when the wrong people were in power for the wrong reasons taking the wrong actions.
Protect Mueller.
Protect Rosenstein.
Move to impeach the president.

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