Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Complicit GOP Leadership

All of the GOP leadership will be indicted; Pence, McConnell, Ryan, etc...they were all complicit in one way or another. 

That's how the 'compromat' strategy works; compromise as many as possible so that all are implicated and at risk. The underpinnings of this reasoning are coming to light slowly, drib following drab. Robert Mueller is playing everything very close to his vest - as he should. 

However, there are many journalists, professional and aspiring, who are investigating this very question - who of the administration knew and when did they know it.  It's the traditional tact, but this time their investigation includes the questions, "Who are complicit and how?"

In April the New York Times reported that Senate leader, Mitch McConnell, knew about the CIA report of Russian intervention in the 2016 election. He put the brakes on any active investigation by pooh-poohing the report. McConnell went so far as to issue a watered-down letter (link below) to electoral officials which never even mentioned Russia but indicated un-named 'malefactors'. 

Link to letter to the National Association of State Election Directors
(Full disclosure; the letter was signed by Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.)

Before leaving office the Obama administration warned the incoming Oval Office occupant of the CIA and FBI findings of evidence that Russian operatives had acted to derail the electoral process.

The leadership of the transition team (Drumpf, Pence, Nunes, Gowdy, Flynn, et al) well-aware of the confiscation of the two compounds used by Russian diplomats, the deportment of Russian Embassy officials and the sanctions on the Kremlin in response to the seizing of the Crimea and the aggression against the Ukraine. They were aware of the tensions between the US and Russian. To claim to be unaware of the fragility of relations between these two nation would be to declare that you are a moron of monumental proportions and completely unqualified to have any government position. The transition leadership most assuredly knew about Obama's intelligence briefings regarding the Russian interference.  

The notion that these jamokes (Drumpf, Pence, etc) did not see the national security problem they were inheriting is, quite simply, preposterous.  So, why did they do nothing, say nothing, take no action except to down-play the very idea that Russia interfered with the 2016 election? Why did Drumpf demean the idea with his '400 pound guy on a bed someplace' caricature? Why has Pence held to his lie concerning being unaware of Flynn's sinful transgressions - those which Congressman Elijah Cummings  and the out-going presidential team warned him about? Both Pence and Drumpf and the rest of transition leadership knew about Obama's warning. They all knew that Flynn had been fired by Obama.

My answer to these and other questions is this: they all knew to some degree and are therefore complicit in the crimes for which Mueller issued indictments for the 13 Russian nationals and the 3 Russian companies.   

Since the release of those indictments, there has only been a bit of shadow-play from Senator Grassley coaxing the Drumpfen-duffer to take action (between disco parties and golf). The GOP have gone mum - probably distracted by their fervent thoughts and prayers. 

More indictments will follow as Mueller moves up the 'food chain'.

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