Saturday, February 17, 2018

To Left-wing/Progressive Phrase-makers

To Left-wing/Progressive sloganeers: 

Abandon use of the phrase 'gun control' - that is an invention of the NRA;  a propaganda tool. 

The phrase is a trigger, a hot button. It's the Pavlovian bell. 

The conditioned emotional response to that phrase by self-identified 'gun's rights advocates' is:
"The Lib-tards are taking my baby away." 

What is needed is a counter phrase which actually carries rational meaning - which succinctly imparts the core of the policy needed. 

The US must adopt a more restrictive federal and state policy for the availability of firearms. 

A good marketing phrase/slogan  must elicit the heart of that legislation - legislation written to curtail multiple death shootings. 

Gun Security seems to be the best slogan so far...

'Security' is a real hot-button with 'ammosexuals'. 
Gun Security should make them feel all warm and fuzzy and fully-loaded.


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