Sunday, February 18, 2018

Forget Collusion

Forget 'collusion' - that's not a crime. 

Look to 'conspiracy against the USA' - that's what Manafort and Gates are charged with - and Gates has struck a deal with Robert Mueller and thus has pleaded guilty to charges. If you have  a hard time accepting the idea that Drumpf cooperated with the Russian efforts to subvert the electoral process, then I suggest that you do a bit more research into the very shady past of Donald J. He's been dirty since he went to work for his slum-lord father and apprenticed in the 'dark arts' with notorious mafia lawyer, Roy Cohn. 

If you also have difficulty understanding why Drumpf sought to become POTUS, you might not yet understand what an ego-maniac the Drumpfster is.
That said, I think what is really going to sink DJT is his nefarious, free-wheeling attitude toward debt and repayment thereof. He's been afloat since the crash of the real estate market  and the bankruptcy of his casinos, etc because of dirty Russian money. This money came from Russian sources - oligarchs, Putin's associates; i.e. the Russian mob. 

Money-laundering and bank fraud (Manafort will be served with that new indictment shortly) are his biggest fears. That's how Drumpf repaid the favors he got from the Russians; through real estate deals which laundered Russian mob money through foreign banks (Cyprus, Deutsche Bank...). 

Mueller has had the personal bank records of DJT from his account(s) with Deutsche Bank since early Dec, 2017. Money transactions leave a paper trail (think Panama Papers and Al Capone) and require no witnesses testimony. The crimes are in black and white.

The Mueller investigation is immense and wide-ranging. A seasoned prosecutor and investigator, Mueller is still finding ducks which he will put into neat rows. Let's hope that American society and American Democracy can withstand the Drumpfen-dork administration.

Please stop being surprised that Drumpfen-douche is a POS without any redeeming qualities. This is the way he's been his entire adult life;  a phony, a liar, a poseur, a fraud, a misogynist, a sexual predator, a scam-artist, a conman... 

I mean, come on already. 25% of the American electorate voted for this utterly contemptible sack of amoral protoplasm. 

The other 75% of us have to do everything we can to get rid of this guy and all of those who have patronized, sponsored or facilitated the ruinous actions and dereliction of his duty as POTUS.

Write to your Congress members and Senators. Tweet them. Face Book msg them. Instagram them. Tell them they are going doing with the flaming, sinking ship if they don't act now to bring charges of impeachment against you know who.

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