Monday, March 5, 2018

I See by Your Holster

Ammosexuals who bellow about their Second Amendment Rights (as perverted and pronounced by the NRA and the rest of the gun lobby) seem to have forgotten a vital and essential aspect to civic rights: responsibility.

All civic rights come with integral responsibilities. Voting rights comes with the responsibility to educate oneself about the issues and the candidates. So-called 'gun rights' comes with a concomitant responsibility of gun-safety. 
Ironically, cynically, many on the 'right' feel that all those of the Islamic faith must take responsibility for the dangerous few who wage jihad and commit acts of terrorism. 

A similar standard is applied to other groups such as immigrants, Blacks, Hispanics, etc. All immigrants are judged and condemned outright because of the criminality (or perceived criminality) of members of their group.  A social penalty is levied against the entire group; distrust at the least.

When confronted with the 'bad apples', the 'lone wolves', the 'sickos', who commit multiple-homicide with a gun, those same fervent god-fearing, gun-toting folk are not so inclined to perceive that their gun rights are unalterably conjoined to the responsibility of how the proliferation of guns in American society has negatively effected all of us. They are not so keen on being grouped with psychos who are also gun-lover.

Yet, in truth, they must be grouped together; for the law-abiding gun-lover and the psycho murderer do share a very blatant and obvious characteristic.

Any guesses on what that commonality is?

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