Thursday, March 8, 2018

You Were Hornswoggled. Admit it...

Like the man said:
"Are you going to believe a porn star who has nothing to lose by telling the truth, or a Trump who has everything to lose by telling the truth?" (Mr Roberts)

Drumpf is a con-man. 

It's a hard thing to admit that one has been conned...
I understand that. I hate to admit that I bought into the Gerald Ford campaign. (My rationale was that I was living on the tender mercies and forbearance of a Republican family.  I took some small consolation in his defeat.) 

Whew... I feel better now with that off my chest...
A very bitter pill to swallow...
A pill the size of Chinese kohlrabi.

Nevertheless, at some point, for the sake of your own sanity, (and I know that I'm addressing a very narrow audience here), you're going to have to come to terms with the fact that you made a mistake. Invent your own excuse. I did about Gerald Ford and you can do it, too, about Drumpfen-putz.

Drumpf is a con-man. 

That's his whole shtick. That and golf. My mind reels at the thought of all the people he's hornswoggled on the golf course.  It's well-known that he cheats at golf - all the time. On every hole, it's been said. Would you play 'closest-to-the-hole' with this guy for money? (I've now further limited my audience...)

Drumpf is a con-man. 

He's a veteran, seasoned liar of world-class reputation.
'Trump University'? Please...
He's a high-functioning psychopath; charming, lacking empathy, manipulative, conniving...
Did I mention; lacking any sense of propriety, being ethically untethered and morally unmoored?

Drumpf is a con-man. 

I would bet you dollars to doughnuts that little Donnie was running scams while still in short pants. (That's old fogey-speak for 'being a little kid'.)
But I digress...

One doesn't need to speculate. One only has to address the main fact; a fact substantiated by hundreds of column inches in both reputable journals and supermarket tabloids of the Drumpfster's sordid life and nefarious acquaintances. There is endless video footage of the life-style of the rich and egregious, Donald J.

Drumpf is a con-man.

America! You've been conned. I say 'you' because I wasn't fooled for a minute. I'm not being judgmental. You got conned. Happens to the best of us at some point. We fall for the packaging and later find out that the contents amount to other than what we had hoped.

25% of the eligible American electorate voted for/bought the con. 62,985,105 bought the con. You weren't alone in your error.  48% of the electorate - 94,977,814 eligible American citizens - didn't bother to vote at all. 

So, that's something. You got yourself out and voted, at least! Kudos to you for your keen sense of citizenship. Atta-boy/girl! You just made a mistake by being suckered into a con-game with clever merchandising and fetching ball-caps. 

All it takes is for a few - a proud, honest, noble, mature, intelligent few - to come forward and end the con-job.  

Admit that you messed up.

Admit it now and your name will be placed in a special, secret lottery for only the most select and valued friends and YOU COULD WIN A BRAND NEW CAR!

or not...

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