Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Inveterate, Incessant, Pathological

REPORT: Trump Dictated Infamous Doctor’s Letter Stating He’s Be The ‘Healthiest President In History’

..and this comes a surprise to whom? A pomegranate with a brain tumor? Your addled aunt who threw turkey dressing at you last Thanksgiving for offering a divergent opinion?

Drumpf is an inveterate, incessant, pathological liar.
Drumpf is an inveterate, incessant, pathological liar.
Drumpf is an inveterate, incessant, pathological liar.

How many times does this have to be said? 
How many times does this lying sack have to be caught flat-footed in a bold-faced lie before it is universally agreed in accepting the fact that Drumpf telling yet another lie is predetermined and inevitable. 

Nearly every typesetter (he said, showing his age) could save time by using 'Lies Again' in elephant-bold as a headline nearly every fricking day of the week.

Fer cryin' out loud!
He called Forbes magazine, lied about who he was - claiming he was 'John Baron' - and then lied about how much money he had just to get on a fricking list!

He's told so many lies - utter untruths, total fabrications, purposeful errors - GACK - so may lies just since he's been our (shudder) POTUS that the New York Times [fake news] writers David Leonhardt and Stuart A. Thompson opined 'There is simply no precedent for an American president to spend so much time telling untruths.' December 14, 2017...

It's almost become a parlor game.
Robert Young (in the role of father):
'How many Drumpf lies did you hear today. Princess?'
Elinor Donahue (in the role of Betty):
'Oh, father, I've only heard half a dozen... but he's been out on the golf course, again.'
Robert Young: 'and you Kitten? How many lies have you heard the (urp) president tell today?'
Lauren Chapin (as Kitten) 'I heard lots, Daddy, but,... they made no sense so I couldn't be-member them exactly...'
Jane Wyatt (as 'Mother'):
'That's 'remember', dear. Not 'be-member''
Billy Gray (as Bud, the son):
'Oh, yeah!? Well, feck all o' yuz. Trump is the greatest man alive and I'm running away to intern for Sean Hannity!'

..and 'scene'...
Now,back to our regularly schedule program, already in progress...

And the Wa-Po [fake news] 'Fact-checker' tabulates that as of April 30, 2018, the (gack) president has iterated a skosh over 3000 lies in his 466 days in office. 
That's 6.4399 lies per day told publicly. 

Not all of his lies are told in public, of course. He speaks with people in private, as well. So, with an average of 6.5 publicly uttered lies per day, how many lies does he tell in private? (That will make a nice topic for someone master's thesis in statistics, someday... 
if there is a someday, someday...)

And his public lies are not limited to incidental, inconsequential ones. They are not just little white lies about his weight or his blood pressure or his height. We're not talking little white lies. Drumpf lies about EVERYTHING. He even lies about making little white lies to cover little white lies.

Drumpf is an inveterate, incessant, pathological liar.
Drumpf is an inveterate, incessant, pathological liar.
Drumpf is an inveterate, incessant, pathological liar.

I wouldn't trust this schmuck to tell me the time. 
I wouldn't trust him to tell me what day it is if I'd just awaken from a coma. 
I would trust him to hold me coat if I was about to jump into the Grand Canyon. 

Never mind watch my cat or water the plants. 
Ask Drumpf to house-sit and you'd better be aware that when you get back there won't be a house for you to live in. He'll have sold it, burned it down for insurance or squatted and taken up residency with a restraining order against your re-entry.

So, get over it with this 'Oh, dear, Mr Trump has been found misstating his weight.'
To put it into context...

W and Cheney lied about WMDs and Saddam's connection to 9-11 and Al-Qaeda. They even got Gen. Colin Powell to proliferate their lie. 

What Drumpfen-dork is capable of lying about will make those war-criminals look like school-boys on a lark.

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