Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Scoundrels, Bounders, Villains and Blackguards

 "They may smile a smile yet be a villain.'

Isn't it odd that all the palaver about Michael 'Take-a-bullet' Cohen is on whether he will 'flip', and NOT asserting that Drumpf and Cohen are innocent? One must suppose that even to a die-hard Drumpf cultist, the notion that either of these two dirt-bags is 'innocent' is simply too preposterous to consider.
As a follow-up to the article 'The Company He Keeps'... (please follow this blog by clicking the appropriate place in the left-hand column...) which zeroed in on the menagerie of miscreants that Drumpfen-dork associated with, (e.g. Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Roy Cohn, etc), let's look at the ne'ver-do-wells which currently populate (infest? beset?) 45's administration.
The current administration is rife with corruption on a level never seen in modern times; Zinke, Pruitt, Mnuchin, DeVos, Perdue, Ross, Carson, Chao, have all been cited for misconduct and/or misappropriations. Here's a handy compendium of articles from actual journalists which report the despicable activities of these scoundrels, bounders, villains and blackguards.

Alexander Acosta; Secretary of Labor 

Alex Azar - Secretary of Health and Human Services
Jim Bridenstine - NASA Administrator,  Oklahoma
Ben Carson - Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
...from Michigan!

Elaine Chao - Secretary of Transportation
...from Taipei, Taiwan! (Kentucky)

Betsy DeVos - Secretary of Education

Gina Haspel - CIA Director (nominee)
...from Kentucky!

Steve Mnuchin - Secretary of the Treasury

Mick Mulvaney - Director of the Office of Management & Budget

George Ervin "Sonny" Perdue III - Secretary of Agriculture

Mike Pompeo - CIA Director/ Secretary of State

Scott Pruitt - Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

Wilbur Ross - Secretary of Commerce

 Ryan Zinke - Secretary of the Interior

Match these incompetents with the corruption of the office of POTUS by Drumpf's open and brash violation of the emoluments clause and we have a recipe for disaster unparalleled in modern American history. 
We've entered a new, more corrosive 'Gilded Age' which is bankrupting the nation and undermining American credibility and honor on the global stage.

Impeach the president and end this assault on the Constitution and the respectability of the Republic.  

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