Thursday, July 26, 2018

Musings on Mueller and a Certain Maniac

A friend provided yours truly, dear reader, with wonderfully insightful synopsis of the current shit-storm that is the Drumpf regime.
Muito obrigado.  
I offered this response:
It's like a watching Robert Ludlum and Orwell write a dystopian novel together for a Netflix project.
Agonizing and riveting.

Our only hope is Mueller. The one trace of influence that contains Drumpf is someone telling him that firing Mueller and/or Rosenstein is a death knell for his presidency. 

Or perhaps it's some shred of ethics which he still hold on to?
He just thinks he can't get away with it! 
That's all that constrains the Drumpfen-fuhrer; his own illusory, febrile, ego-maniacal and ultimately distorted perception of what is transpiring in the world.
The truth we should all understand and establish as a benchmark, a foundation stone, is that Donald J. Trump is self-serving, self-dealing troglodyte; a evolutionary dead-end of selfishness, brutishness, greed, ignorance and egocentric behavioral tendencies.

That at least that's what we can pin hopes on.

One wonders if Drumpf is ever self-reflective enough to consider his 'legacy'. Does he expect that being in the Oval Office will validate the profligate life he's lead?

Banging porn-star and Playboy models (for large cash, of course), but that rash of more mature profligacy followed years of sex-parties hosted by convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein.
(Google 'Epstein pedophile' for grins...)

The photos of himself with his adolescent daughter are always accompanied by a chill up the spine and gorge rising.

The Golem-in-chief probably doesn't consider a legacy as more than a final net-worth. He'd fall far down the list of  wealthy men that was his sole benchmark.
(An aside: Putin is reputed to the richest man on earth. That explains his deference and servility to the 'former' KGB colonel. )

Not that Drumpfen-stuff will not have a legacy if Mueller succeeds.
It'll be more like a rueful aftermath, instead; a drug-addled nightmare of our collective soul.

Not even the text-books in Texas could spin the shit Drumpfel-stiltskin is doing into gold. 
One must wonder if the institutions of the Republic will survive this.

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